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Nomi Designs

Nomi Designs is modern minimalist fashion, handmade clothing. We respect nature and try to follow our ethos of being natural. That is why we choose natural colours and 100 percent linen fabric.

It is believed that when we create out of love, it is healing to us and to others. Therefore, because of this belief, we are able to design and create products with special attention to detail and quality.

The focus of our design and colour harmony combinations are to fit one another so as to create results that are simple, comfortable, and useful pieces for everyday living that can transition seamlessly into evening wear.

Nomi Designs Modern Minimalist linen clothing.jpg


Our 100 percent linen fabric is sourced from Europe and dyed in the United States before coming to us here on the west coast. At Nomi Designs, we pre-wash all our linen fabric before sewing our lovely garments.

Those looking for comfortable and stylish garments in classic styles that will outlive fashion fads and trends have long loved linen. Linen is anti-microbial, “eco-friendly”, moisture wicking and feels very soft on your skin.

Our linen garment styles will make you feel fresh, chic and ready for anything. Nomi Designs also features items made from quality cottons.

Nomi Designs Modern Minimalist linen clothing.jpg


All of our designs are original. All Nomi Designs tops, jackets, and dresses are loose fitting. Our pants, shorts, and skirts fit to the body but are comfortable.

Typically the sizes are:

Small - 6-8

Medium -10-12

Large - 14-16

If there is a particular piece you are interested in, we would be happy to send you the bust, waist, or hip measurements.

Nomi Designs Modern Minimalist linen clothing.jpg

Nomi Levi

I have been a designer for many years. My inspiration has always come from looking and being outdoors in nature. The beauty and the harmony of colours, textures and shapes of our natural world amaze me. My focus is to create from love and to bring harmony, comfort, simplicity, and beauty to every piece that I make.